Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cutting Plexiglas-Drilling Plexiglas-Bending Plexiglas

Cool article on the basics of working with plexiglas. As a fabricator I always search the internet for new techniques to use in my business.  Take a look and give me some feed back. The red link will take you to the article.

How to Properly Cut, Drill and Bend Plexiglas to make a multi-use ...
If I want to mount hardware on plexi, like hinges or clasps... pop rivets are your friend. Screws tend to break it. Nuts & bolts look too "frankenstein" for my tastes. Drill hole just big enough for rivet, try to put a washer on the back ...

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Photo provided by the fabricators source. Photo provided by the fabricators source.06Drills2



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