Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ready made picture frames- Acrylic Picture Frammes

Picture Frames a great way to display your photos.

Picture FramesPicture frames are available in numerous styles.  They can be an acrylic sign holder or something that you may want to display on a table top.  Acrylic picture frames can be fabricated to use with slatwall or gridwall.  Table top picture frames can be designed as a bottom loader or top loader.  There are many options for a plastic sign holder.  All you need to do is figure out what works best for you.  Any acrylic material can be cut to size to accommodate any size photo or copy that you want to display.

Picture frames and your business.

A wall mount picture frame is a great way to display copy relevant to your business.  A table top picture frame can be used the same way.  With the addition of an acrylic or plastic pocket you can also promote your business with some type of brochures.  A bottom loader or top loader picture frame can also have a business card attachment.  Slatwall picture frames can be designed using the same same acrylic or plastic pockets, or business card attachments.  The options are almost endless in the way that you can promote your business.

Can picture frames be made in custom sizes?

You may need a wall mount picture frame that is not a stock insert size.  Meaning that the table top picture frame is not a standard  8.5 x11 or 11x17 acrylic or plastic sign holder.  That is no problem, most acrylic fabrication companies can cut to size the material and fabricate a sign holder that will work with your insert.  Over the years we have made many custom slatwall picture frames.  Quite frequently businesses will not have a choice.  The wall mount picture frame has to be a size that will make it it visually attractive.  Or it needs to be a size that draws attention to that sign holder.

Frame shops and picture frames.

Modern Plastics Designs also services quite a number of Frame shops.  We have great pricing on acrylic or plastic and will gladly cut to size any dimensions that you would need for your shop.  We also deal in non glare acrylic or plastic. Poly carbonate has also been a choice for frame shops.  If it's something you think we can give you a hand with give us a call.  Thank you for taking the time to read this article on picture frames.

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